Bossy Bitches

The British Institution

This is the brand new Female Domination site from UK! Historically, the British Ladies are intended to dominate. But this site has its own special and unique aura. Scenes are filled with smell of hay and high-quality leather, delicate female bodies dressed in riding suits or police uniform, motes dance in rays of light and crystal voices give orders, leather boots creak and high heels clatter.. and belts.. these evil serpents soar into the air constantly. Whoosh! Merciless blows raining down of male backs, their plaintive cries are muffled by melodious laughter and biting sounds of new whipping strokes. Female Beauty coexists with fear and pain in unusual sensual harmony..

What Awaits You Inside

Boot Room Queue
Question Time
Nurses Wrath
The Point Of Sale
Belted And Booted
Boot Room Mess
Belted And Booted
Beating Some Sense

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